Hoodie Allen, Outasight, ZAK! Downtown, Fortune Family
DATE : August 16, 2011
DOOR : 7:00 PM
AGE: 16+
TICKETS :  $15 in advance, $18 day of show    

Hoodie Allen
Remember back when Diddy was taking major heat for sampling? Seems pretty ridiculous today. Now it seems like every time I hear a good pop song, the first thing I do is think how great it would be with rap lyrics over it. Luckily, it seems 21 yr old NYC MC Hoodie Allen has been thinking the same way. What’s even better, is the fact that his execution in creating this vision is flawless. The end result is ‘Pep Rally’, a collection of 12 crisp, shiny ‘hip-pop’ jams that’s hard not to like. There really is an under appreciated art to sampling. It’s not as simple as slappin’ a few quick-witted metaphors over some Passion Pit track. This is painfully clear if you have ever spent some serious time thumbing through the endless array of horrible mashups that exists on youtube. It takes a good ear, a sense of humor, imagination and some serious craftsmanship to really pull off anything that doesn’t sound ‘amateurish’, more or less anything as polished and clever as any of the songs on Pep Rally. - themusichoarder


ZAK! Downtown

Fortune Family